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"I wanted to mention how helpful Frank has been to all of us on a variety of projects. Whether on a hot last
minute basis or on the normal ASAP deadline, Frank has met the challenge professionally and personally.
He's been a great resource and calm in the storm. Thought you would want to know how well we think of him
as an asset to the team. Bravo!"

Marian Gena Succoso
Vice President, Advertising and Creative
Loews Hotels


"I just had to email you after I saw the banner live on our site at Hcareers this week… it is amazing!!!  I was quite impressed with the quality and visual effects and I wanted you to know.  Thank you for putting this together."

Tracy Cacciotti
Corporate Account Executive


"Your ads are amazing. Keep going!!!"

Liz Meyers
Vice President
Darby Dental Supply


Below is a three e-mail string.

"The Tralongo team asked for a formulary to be put together yesterday and overnighted so they can distribute to their 10-12 offices in Texas today. Frank totally bailed me out!!! I know we are all a team and itís important we work together but he didnít have to stop what he was doing to help me but he made it work. I know that as sales people we forget what goes on behind the scenes to make these flyers, catalogs. Marketing pieces, etc. that enable us to do our jobs. I canít explain to you how grateful I am for his help. I felt it was important to recognize his efforts. Thanks for everything."

Matthew Ramacca
Senior Account Manager
Darby Dental Supply


"Well done-thank you for your extra efforts to assist Matt!†"

Liz Meyers
Vice President
Darby Dental Supply


"Outstanding team effort!!!!†"

Michael W. Caputo
Darby Group Companies